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Our Legal Advisor

Our company is flourishing with India’s most intelligent & successful legal advisor body named “SAKET PAREEK & ASSOCIATE”

ADVOCATE SAKET PAREEK has a very wide experience and specialized of Constitutional Matters, Civil matters, Revenue matters, Land Acquisition matters, Town Planning matters and Arbitration matters. The legal panel is expert in Indian legal services in with the field of Indian property laws which includes the services of Indian real estate Collaborations, Joint Ventures, Sale and Purchase documentation of the properties in India.

All services related to the litigation in the fields of property laws in India and all the legal services pertaining to property disputes, purchase and sale, transfer, construction, partition, evaluation, conversion, lease, license.

Experience & Practice in Various Courts
Honorable Courts
 Supreme Court of India, New Delhi
16 years
 Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur Bench, Jaipur
21 years
 Civil Courts
21 years
 Revenue Courts
21 years
 Jaipur Development Authority Appellate Tribunal
21 years
Brief of Saket Pareek & Associate’s Expertise:

 Real estate policies and laws in India

 Legal experts for FDI in real estate in India

 Indian lawyer for all legal services in the field Indian property law

 Drafting and registration of all property transfer documents

 Arbitration and conciliation in property dispute matters

 Advices for all kinds of property acquisitions, Collaboration & Joint Ventures

 Due diligence services for all kinds of properties

 Legal services pertaining to property disputes, purchase and sale, transfer,

 Construction, partition, evaluation, conversion, lease, license

 Online Indian lawyer for advising on all contingent property law matters

 Online Indian lawyer for providing online legal drafting services in the fields of           property laws

Venture King has a fully developed legal support team for legal operation and procedure for all properties. First we, VK did complete legal survey with help of our legal expert and only successful track record property proceeds for Collaboration or Sale purpose.